Words, Words, Words

I have a bad habit of making up words, and not ridiculous words like (gnorker–combination of geek, nerd, and dork which I created to be my gmail account name), but words that seem like they should be words but aren’t actually words.

Therefore, I’m going to keep a list of all the words that aren’t actually words. I’ve come up with a few, but as of right now, I can only think of these two:

1. Conversate [kon-ver-seyt] (v.): the act of having a conversation: past tense → Origin: Janelle’s head

2. Mystificity [mis-tuh-fis-i-tee] (adj.): having an intense mystical quality

3. Confuzzled [kuhn-fuhz-zld] (v.): in a state of extreme confusion, sometimes mixed with minor irritation and/or agitation

More to come later!


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About jnlletrry

Janelle. 20. Lots of things in my brain that I'd like to say but am too afraid to say. Lovatic. Reader. Writer. Semi-perfectionist. Music lover. Sister. Aunt. Daughter. Granddaughter. Friend. Student. Wants to make a difference. Avatard. Terry.

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