creative feels

you know how when you really like someone
the littlest things they do can make you
like when they bat those long,
that frame those
electric blue eyes?
how they get so lost in a laugh
you can’t help but laugh with them,
and how
they have so much passion
for life
you only hope that their every wish comes

you catch his eye sometimes.
he smiles that crooked smile at you,
and your heart
feels like it’s going to break free from your chest
and you hope that
one day
he’ll notice you.


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About jnlletrry

Janelle. 20. Lots of things in my brain that I'd like to say but am too afraid to say. Lovatic. Reader. Writer. Semi-perfectionist. Music lover. Sister. Aunt. Daughter. Granddaughter. Friend. Student. Wants to make a difference. Avatard. Terry.

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