Students Serving for Social Justice

I know there are probably gofundme accounts for almost anything and everything, but this a serious matter.

I go to a college where each and every student receives a tuition scholarship, and while that may sound great, it’s not a walk in the park. My school is competitive and we have to work hard, not just academically, but have jobs on campus. However, the reason all students who attend my school receive a scholarship is because the majority of us come from low-income households. For some of us, myself included, if we didn’t get accepted to Berea, there’s a good chance some of us wouldn’t have been able to attend college or at least would have been tens of thousands in dollars in debt.

That aside, here’s the thing: I’m an education major, and a class that we are required to take for our major is somewhat of an active learning experience in which we—the students—spend anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks over the summer volunteering for some kind of cause or widely known program that is unlike the environment in which we are accustomed to. And in the process of volunteering, we’ll be learning from that experience and will be able to take what we learned and use it to become better teachers/educators in the future. For example, a few students this summer will be traveling to Arizona to live on an Native American reservation, living with no water and no running electricity, sheering sheep and picking corn. As I said before, many of us have grown up low-income, but not compared to the poverty that many Natives live in today. I can’t imagine the type of experience this will be for the students who go as well as what they’ll be able to take to their classrooms where there’s a good possibility they’ll have Native American students.

I myself will be volunteering with a program that helps and teaches refugees and immigrants how to become accustomed to the United States, as well as helping students who are English Language Learners in subjects that they’re finding difficult to master.

All that said, being that Berea is a school for low-income students, while we don’t pay tuition, there are still certain bills and books that must be paid and paid for. Many of us require the money that we earn over the summer to pay those bills, but with us not being able to work for a full summer, that’s money that we can’t put towards paying for next semester.

And so, if you donate money, even if it’s just five dollars, you’ll be helping us help the world. The program that I’ll be working with just lost ten of their usual employees due to the sequestration, and they were begging my school for students to help. And I want to go. I want to so badly, but there’s a possibility that if we don’t raise this money, that many of us will have to change our summer plans and go home and work instead of learning and making in a difference in at least one person’s life. 

So PLEASE, PLEASE donate if you can. PLEASE! and reblog this post!! You pushing that reblog button could change and have an effect on so many lives.

Please and thank you,


Our website got shut down but thank you for the support!


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