The other day I was hanging out with a few friends and we were talking about tattoos. I said that I wanted to get another one, but one of my friends didn’t know that I already had one. I have a quote going around my lower calf, and by the title of this post, you could probably guess who said it: Demi Lovato.

The quote says, “Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect,” and if you’re a Demi fan, you know what it means to her and why she said it. For those who aren’t fans, you’re probably more than aware of the fact that Demi was in rehab for some time for mental and emotional struggles. Either during or following her recovery came the quote, which I didn’t get just because Demi said it. I got it as kind of a reminder, not specifically for me, but as a reminder to me to let people know that love is louder.

But I’m straying away from what I really wanted to say … So I have this Demi tattoo. I have two Demi wristbands with her name and ‘Stay Strong’ written in her handwriting, and I have a board devoted to Demi on Pinterest. I have all her CDs & just about every other song she’s done, solo or having been featured, and people don’t seem to understand why I like Demi so much, besides other Lovatics, of course.

So here’s why: 1. She’s gorgeous. After she got out of rehab, people were calling her fat, but OMG. No. She looked healthy and curvy and like a real woman is supposed to. She’s beautiful, but modest about it, and I love that about her.
2. She can sing like nobody’s business. When she first sang “Shadow” on ‘When the Bell Rings’, I said to myself, “That girl is going places.” And look where she is now. I saw her once in concert; she was opening for the Jonas Brothers, and ever since she started touring by herself, I’ve been dying to see a show!
3. I find her simply inspiring. I personally haven’t experienced the same struggles that she has, but the fact that, for someone at such a young age, to openly admit they have a problem and seek help and then speak out about a problem that she knows thousands of girls and young women are struggling with is phenomenal to me. Most of the time, when a celebrity enters rehab, they seem to use the publicity coverage negatively & there’s more than likely a relapse. You never really see any real progress, but with Demi, she overcame her demons and became the epitome of it’s always darkest before the dawn.

While I obviously don’t know Demi, she just seems like a beautiful person inside and out, and I hope that she stays strong and keeps fighting because we don’t have enough positive and empowering female role models in the world. While everyone might not see her that way, she’s definitely something special. 🙂


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